Our best memories

Our best memories

We really like:

Tandem bike rides on the country roads

Climbing Mont Ventoux on a Vespa

Touring evening markets on a Piaggio "tuk-tuk"

Visiting the cellars, tasting wines and riding electric bikes through the vineyards at a winemaking domain near Mont Ventoux

Going to music concerts, classical, but not ordinary, in an old industrial wasteland (alas, not in July or August)

Fine cuisine from young (or less young) local chefs

And for those curious enough, we hold for you (in French) the list of the 100 most unusual places in Vaucluse...

We will be delighted to open our address book for you.

Most of those activities must be booked well in advance - at least 2 days ahead. ​If you are interested, please, leave us a comment with your room reservation or send us an e-mail. We will send you back a list of activities with times, prices, etc. Once you have made your choice, we will be happy to do the booking for you.